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Kvinnor Berättar #Metoo

November 13, 2017

Kvinnor Berättar #Metoo är kanske den allra viktigaste boken du någonsin kommer köpa!

Den är en plattform för framtiden, som  ett samtidsdokument  där vanliga kvinnor får göra sina röster hörda och berätta om hur deras vardag, fest och liv sett ut med tanke på hashtaggen METOO .

Beräknad utgivning december 2017

Grab your Flirtivation Now!

Learn how to be irrestisable using Flirtivation and NLP.

What is Flirtivation, and Why Do I Need It?

Flirtivation is a brand new term to approach an old concept in a new way. You’re familiar with flirting—but flirting has become a narrow term which has, more or less, a strictly romantic connotation. 
Flirtivation is a motivation – to flirt! 
And to expand your flirting into great social interactions with other people. 
It’s about being motivated to create unions between people—to create bridges of trust. It’s about forging connections of understanding and care between one another. This is not about manipulation—this is about making contact between you and the world in a way that supports you in life. 
You’re not just out to make your life better—though you will—but you are out to make others happy as well, and out to make others feel good about themselves. 
This is not a book for those who are trying to “seduce” another human being for one’s own selfish, harmful purposes. 
Flirtivation is a positive interaction.
Flirtivation is not just about romantic relationships, though of course it can play a key role in initiating one. 
Flirtivation is a way of supercharging your charisma in order to help other people like and trust you. 
It helps people believe in you and have confidence in you. 
The greatest indicator of success in our world is our ability to withstand and come out on top of any social situation. 
People do business with people they like. 
People hire people they like. 
People socialize with people they like—and yes, people date the people they like too! 

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